Thursday, January 20, 2011

let me start by saying that i know i am a weird, rare breed. i know. i have fully accecpted and embraced my oddness and i am not aftrad to let it show... i love my job. seriously. let me clarify that i DO NOT like getting out of bed in the morning, and to totally contradict myself I am a morning person. I am chipper and cheery, once i have stepped out of bed. but its almost like my matteress has a crazy trance on me that does not allow me to see past the comfort of my worn in spot. but-- i LOVE my job, i have learned so much in the past 6 months, it has opened so many oppertunities for me and i am so thankful to be around the people i am daily. they understand my age, and my inexperience and instead of looking down on me, or getting frustrated with me about what i am doing (or not doing) they TEACH me.. they want me to know the ins and outs of our company and buisness (it helps that there are only 4 of us, but still) they want me to be with them for the long run and succeed it is honestly a great feeling (once i am out of the shower) to be ready to leave home.. (as much as I HATE leaving the danes) but to want to go to work. i worked with a friend once at a restraunt and i had that feeling, that "cant wait to go because this is going to be fun... " but now that is combined with so much more learning and people that i am around to learn and interact with. just this week i have been in 2-3 new situations that most people my age cant even imagine and i am so thankful. okat maybe enough gushing for now... :)

look i told you my new years goals were to have a more positive outlook on life and the way i live it and i am truly trying to live that way, i am resolving broken friendships, i am truly and honestly happy. you might not have saw this coming but its HERE and i am so thankful.... there are a few people that i think were brought into my life just for making me see their light and their attitudes and everytime i see their posts or read their blogs i am truly lifted by their attitude, it would be great if one day i had that persona and not the "tough girl b*tch" lol.. if i could move away from that it would be lovely. because that is not who i am anymore. i am working on being softer work in progress, i know.

oh! and random--- but Jacksonville has a new restraunt.. "Trolly Stop" the original is a little beach shack in Wrightsville, this is a lot more city atmostphere, but i went there today and it was wonderful. really. amazing hot dogs, great service, clean. i really like when someone does something well and they stick to it... like umm, Red Robin's and their burgers, or Cook Out and their burgers.. or Fudruckers and their burgers--- crap. I really just named off 3 burger joints, favorite food much... lets see other examples, Krispy Kreme and Doughnuts.. who goes to Krispy Kreme for a quiche.. is that how its spelled?  haha anyways. great little shop, 2.50 a dog, you can choose your kind of dog.. beef, pork, beef pork mix, sausage, and then choose your style-- my favorite, the "carolina" mustard chili slaw. (i didnt know there was any other way to order hot dogs) but i hear the "new river" is pretty good. it is mayo and cheese (like melted nacho cheese) i was really questioning it, but "the boys" at work got them today and they were quckly scarfed down ;)

good night.

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