Tuesday, January 18, 2011

so, as of today, sometime after work ((meaning that it was a friday and everett was supposed to get off at 12, but it didnt work out that way— it never does)) we rushed over to the court house to DO IT. :) 3 years ago we got married. I am not the kind of girl thats going to put on a play about my perfect day and my perfect marriage because real marriages arent perfect, real people arent perfect. It is the daily grind of living, and learning that makes your relationship strong and true to be able to stand the test of time. anyone who comes on giving the bs my husband is wonderful allll the time, they are lying to themselves… the bad part is that everyone else can see through it when they cant.

so, with that being said… i think its more of the imperfections that you learn to work with, and around that make a marriage. E leaves the lid up on the toilet seat, not the ring part (thank God) the lid. IDK why it irks me. but i cant stand to see it. Normally I just close and go on. so, hes helped me with patience in that department… and for me to say that i just “go on” is a BIG accomplishment. it doesnt happen much, it has definitely happened more in the last year then it has in previous years, older wiser? probably not. probably just older. has better things to do then stress over it.

do you know in the morning when your husband gets up— and he just HAS to turn the light on? Everett never did that he was always quiet and patient and gave me a kiss before he left but never woke me up (thank you E) BUT- when it was my turn, when he was on leave and I had to wake up, shower, get ready, blow dry hair all with him laying in bed. it was NOT fun. I felt like it was rubbing in my face he had the day off.. I could feel myself wanting to wake him up— haha I know, it is mean and very imperfect. SO the fix, I couldnt imagine how the years of him waking up, being quiet and not disturbing me.. that had to be annoying as f*ck. LOL so now, with his new school and new job hours are going to be insane… which i think we are somewhat prepared. but ive started getting up— every morning. 3, 345. 4 whatever… [[hense the post this dang early]] i sit up in bed, talk to him the whole time hes getting ready (he USED to not be a morning person— I feel like hes coming around) and then make breakfast, and we eat breakfast together. Me, Everett, Mac and Brute. every morning. I really feel like its helped both of us, maybe just me and my concience or me selfishly wanting at least one meal with him during the day, but its definatly changed something :) [[note: mac brute and i all crawl into bed afterwards… no shame in that right?]]

so the point of all this. 3 years. weve made it 3 years, its so great to say that because when we made the “rash dicesion” as everyone in his family/friends called it. they all said we wouldnt make it. some of his family HOPED we wouldnt make it. but were here. and it feels great. i wonder what 30 feels like?

have a good day friends <3

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