Sunday, January 23, 2011

   good sunday afternoon. it is a beautiful day out--- despite the coldness that has taken over eastern nc. today isnt quite as bad as yesterday, but it is by no means warm.
   i have been "thrifting" and yardsaling pretty much all weekend and have had a lot of fun doing some crafts, i am considering opening up an etsy shop, i have more time here with mac and brutus with everett being at geiger, so why not make the best of it right? its not like im much of a tv buff, i have a few shows that i watch but they can all be watched from online--- while doing my projects :)

  so far i have done a lamp (for my bedroom), two picture frames, i am working on a third, and a little bird. i think im keeping the bird too, I wish i could have found more of them and i would sell in sets--- but it just wasnt meant to be. i did find 5 old windows though-- which i am really excited about, I could do side tables, organizers or just paint them as decoration, i found candle holders, a mirror, and a bunch of frames. i am super excited :)  Anyways, here the first couple are--- yes there are just magazine pics in there right now. I didnt want to put my pics in there and get attatched. haha

  more exciting news--- SURF CITY IS GETTING A HARRIS TEETER. wha hooo.. I am so stoked. good bye nasty Food Lion, good by long lines at the commisary and good bye wal-mart craziness. I am so excited. Everett thinks i am crazy---he isnt too far off, but still.

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